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Edo Sashimono 

What is it?

  • Edo Sashimono is a type of furniture and utensils made of wooden boards in Tokyo.
  • The lacquering process that maximizes the beauty of the wood grain materials such as mulberry, zelkova, and paulownia, and the delicate and graceful Edo chic.
  • Edo fingerware was used by samurai families, merchants, and Kabuki actors as their utensils.
  • In order to make it look chic, it was sometimes made from fragile thin boards or thin sticks.
  • Edo shimono is made with a unique technique so that it is virtually invisible from the outside. It is extremely durable and can withstand decades of use.
13 products
  • Tray (lacquering)
  • Tray with a cover
  • Tray
  • Kazari Shelf (5 drawers, Double doors)
  • Kazari Shelf (4 drawers)
  • Sewing Box
  • Letterbox
  • Kazari Shelf (5 drawers, Narrow)
  • Kazari Shelf (5 drawers, Wide)
  • Kazari Shelf (4 drawers & Cover)
  • Kazari Shelf (3 drawers & Tray)
  • Kazari Shelf (3 drawers & 2 drawers)
  • Tissue Box